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U.K. removes Czech Republic from list of “safe countries”

Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech Republic is no longer considered a safe destination to travel to by the U.K., which removed it from its list of low-risk countries, effective on Saturday.

The U.K.’s decision, which forces Czech travelers to enter a two-week quarantine when arriving in the country, was confirmed earlier this week by Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Smolek, who added that negotiations were underway to try to convinced British authorities to reverse their decision.

Apart from the U.K., a few European countries – Slovenia and Estonia – had already removed the Czech Republic from their list of safe countries earlier this month.

The Czech Republic recorded 1,400 new cases in the past week alone, while Prague, where the sanitary conditions are also deteriorating, has been categorized as “medium-risk” by Czech health authorities. Starting September 1, face-masks will once more become mandatory, nation-wide, in all public transport.

On the other hand, only Spain and Romania are considered high-risk destinations by Czech authorities: anyone coming back from both countries have to undergo a COVID-19 test or face quarantine upon their return.

The Czech government nevertheless hinted that travel regulations could soon be tightened for few other EU member states where the epidemiological situation is worsening; including Croatia, the most popular holiday destination for Czech tourists, and France, which is seeing a rapid increase in the number of daily coronavirus cases.

Although the Czech Republic has so far refrained from adding both countries to its list of high-risk destination, the country’s chief hygienist Jarmila Razova issued, on Friday, a set of recommendations for Czechs travelling there – encouraging them to avoid closed public spaces and to follow all health and sanitary guidelines.

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