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Hungarian PM Viktor Orban endorses Donald Trump in November election


Budapest, Hungary – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has endorsed US President Donald Trump for the upcoming November presidential election.

“We are rooting for another victory of Donald Trump”, Orban said in a tribune published in the pro-government local daily Magyar Nemzet, “because we are very familiar with the foreign policy of US Democratic administrations, built as it is on moral imperialism. We have tasted it – albeit under duress. We didn’t like it, and we don’t want a second helping.”

After years of being shunned by the White House under the Bush and Obama administrations, Viktor Orban was the only EU leader to publicly endorse Donald Trump ahead of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and rapidly engaged talks for a rapprochement. The two leaders eventually met at the White House in May 2019, a highly-anticipated meeting hailed as a major breakthrough by the Hungarian government but criticized on both sides of the Atlantic.

Viktor Orban also held close ties with Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon, who was arrested last month over allegations of defrauding donors under an initiative meant to fund the U.S. president’s signature wall at the southern border with Mexico.

“They prepare for a decisive battle in 2022, backed by the international media, Brussels bureaucrats, and NGOs disguised as civil organizations”, Orban further wrote in his op-ed in a reference to the Hungarian parliamentary elections scheduled two years from now.

In his essay, pitting the “international liberal elite” against the “true Christian conservatives”, Viktor Orban also took a swing at EU policies promoting “climate goals elevated to absurdity, a social Europe […] and a multicultural society”, while slamming Brussels’ push to link the disbursement of EU funds to the respect of rule of law.

“It seems that conservative and Christian democratic parties and political movements can finally escape from the deadly embrace of the liberals”, he writes in a somewhat poetic and lyrical flourish. “The greatest threat to national self-determination today is the network that promotes a global open society, and seeks to abolish national frameworks.

Adding: “The goals of a George Soros-style network, which has unlimited financial and human resources, are clear: to create open societies of mixed ethnicity through the acceleration of migration, to dismantle national decision-making and hand it over to the global elite”.

Since coming to power more than ten years ago, the Hungarian Premier has advocated for the establishment of a so-called “illiberal democracy”, which critics say is only a pretense to consolidate his authoritarian rule, further dismantle checks-and-balances and crack down on civil society.

You can find the official, English-language transcript of Viktor Orban’s article in Magyar Nemzet here.

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