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Former Slovak Prime Minister’s party takes the lead in latest polls


Bratislava, Slovakia – The new party of former Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini has taken the lead, according to the latest polls, while the ruling OLaNO party of PM Igor Matovic is seeing a sharp drop in support.

According to the latest AKO survey conducted earlier this month, Hlas-SD, the political party founded last summer by former Prime Minister Pellegrini, would come first if elections were held today, winning nearly 19% of the votes – an increase of 2 percentage points compared to July.

This is the first time since the February legislative elections that OLaNO loses its spot as the first party in Slovakia. Recording an 8 percentage point drop compared to the July poll, the ruling party of current Prime Minister Igor Matovic would only come second, with slightly more than 15% of voting preferences.

According to political pundits, Slovak voters’ frustration with the government’s handling of the second wave of COVID-19 and additional pandemic-related restrictions is what lies behind this significant drop in voting preferences for PM Matovic’s party.

Hlas-SD is the most popular Slovak political party, according to the latest polls. Source: AKO, The Slovak Spectator

Among the other parties benefiting from growing popular dissatisfaction with OLaNO is Matovic’s ruling coalition partner SaS, which would round up more than 13% of the votes (+4 percentage points).

Junior coalition partner Sme Rodina (8.8%), the far-right movement of Marian Kotleba People’s Party – Our Slovakia (8.5%), the once all-dominant Smer (8.3%) and Progressive Slovakia (6.2%) would also send representatives to Parliament if elections had been held this month, according to the AKO poll.

Za Ludi (For the People), the party founded by Slovakia’s former President Andrej Kiska, would for its part fail to reach the 5% threshold to make it to Parliament.

Main photo credit: Official Facebook page of Peter Pellegrini

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