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Top 6 best student cafes in Prague where you can learn and have fun


Prague, Czech Republic – Prague is a beautiful place that many students choose these days. If you’re one of them, you’re probably searching for a comfortable, peaceful place where you can do your studying and writing. Thankfully, there are several great spots in this city that offer exactly what you need – quiet and comfortable environment, high-quality coffee, and great Wi-Fi. Here are the top 6 choices to find the best student cafes in Prague.

1.    Café Du

Cafedu is two things in one – study room and café shop. You’ll see this from the moment you enter. It is filled with students due to its atmosphere and location. You’ll find Cafedu in the city center, close to most Prague universities.

This is the place that reeks of education. The owner decided to make a place where students will find their peace and maybe even find help from their peers. The café’s working hours are from 7:30 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening, which gives you a chance to study at your most productive time. Just keep in mind that this is not a free study space. To use it, you need to pay 199 CZK monthly or 450 CZK for three months.

2.    Muj Salek Kavy

Located in Karlin, this amazing place offers some of the best coffee in Prague. It’s owned by doubleshot coffee roasters that take their beans seriously. Students need a good caffeine boost, which you’ll definitely get here. All of their brews are of great quality, and the bookcase and brick interior design is perfect for a study session.

Credit: Muy Salek Kavy

An atmosphere can help motivate you, but when you’re too tired, not even the greatest coffee will help. If you feel exhausted, lack motivation and struggle with the thing called ‘’writer’s block’’, remember that platforms like edubirdie provides custom service to students from all across the world. There’s no shame in asking for academic help.

3.    Monolok

If you like studying with some chill music, this is a great place for you. Monolok is a very comfortable place located in Vinohrady and among the best student cafes in Prague. It has two floors and a lot of seating area. Unlike Cafedu where you might have trouble finding a table during exam weeks, Monolok offers a lot of room for its customers. It’s a more universal place where you’ll find business people, casual visitors, and students. There’s also a small outdoor terrace and menus for breakfast and lunch if you get hungry.

4.    Cukrarna Alchymista

When roads take you to Prague 7, stop by this café to check out the atmosphere. The name means ‘’The Alchemist’’. This café’s interior has brass chandeliers and wood paneled walls, but its best feature is the fairytale garden. It has fish-pond and amazing colors, which get even more inspiring if you combine them with their delicious cakes and desserts. For those with a sweet tooth who like to snack when studying, this is a great option.

Credit: Cukrarna Alchymista

5.    Camp

Camp is located in a modernist, great-looking building that you’ll notice right away. It was designed by Karel Prager, a popular Czech architect. It has a 200 m² exhibition hall, a large projection screen, and a huge library where you can do your research. If you get tired or sleepy and need a pick-me-up, Camp offers delicious coffee, light snacks, and many hot and cold beverages.

6.    Friends Coffee House

This great study place is located close to Wenceslas Square in a historical baroque building. It’s one of the best around and highly rated by different groups of people. It’s divided into sections that are individually designed to meet the needs of different customers. Expect a unique style wherever you turn. You can get a conference room to work on a team project, study close to a cozy fire or visit a large glass room. There is also a small library to do your research in and a back room with a fountain.

Final thoughts

If you are a student, your days can become very busy and stressful. To beat the stress and get more motivated, you can change your study pace and environment. Thankfully, Prague is filled with great places for that.

Main photo credit: Cafe Du

By Robert Everett

Robert is an expert editor and writer who’s spent over 7 years in the academic writing business. He works remotely from different locations in the world seeking for inspiration and following his biggest passions. In his spare time, Robert works on several blogs and writes in his travel journals.

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