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Czech Republic mulls tighter COVID-19 restrictions this week


Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech Republic could move to introduce tighter restrictions if COVID-19 infection numbers don’t decrease during the first half of the week, Health Minister Roman Prymula said during a TV interview this week-end.

According to Prymula, if new cases continue to rise at the start of this week, this would mean that current restrictions are not working and further measures are needed to curb the spread of the virus in the Czech Republic.

Speaking on Czech Television, he argued that employers and companies could be ordered to make their staff work remotely from home. Although the Czech Republic is under partial lockdown since Wednesday, people are still allowed to go to work under certain conditions, and many still do.

On Sunday, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis also told reporters that current COVID-19 restrictions were not working, that many failed to respect the measures and that authorities needed to consider possible new regulations.

The government should discuss the issue on Monday and Tuesday.

During the same interview, Prymula, who will most likely either resign or be sacked over a controversial restaurant visit last week, said he was ready to help his successor, who’s due to meet with President Milos Zeman this week, and wished to remain part of the COVID crisis staff as an expert.

Saying he would resign as soon as a successor is found, he continued to deny any wrongdoing and said he didn’t break any rules by attending a private meeting in a restaurant closed to the public last Wednesday.

An epidemiologist and former head of the Central Crisis Staff, Roman Prymula was appointed Health Minister only a month ago, and would be one of the shortest-serving ministers in the Czech Republic since 1993.

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