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COVID-19: Czech Republic enforces night curfew


Prague, Czech Republic – On Monday evening, the Czech government announced a night curfew would come into force starting Wednesday in order to reduce contact between the population and curb the spread of COVID-19.

Night curfew in the Czech Republic: what are the restrictions?

Starting midnight Wednesday, the Czech Republic will enforce a night curfew from 9 pm in the evening to 5 am in the morning, forcing everyone to stay at home apart from a few exceptions.

Exemptions to the restrictions on free movement include travel related to employment and the possibility to walk your dog within 500 meters of your residence. Day-time restrictions introduced last week stay in place.

The Czech government also announced that all food stores and other essential shops, that are still allowed to remain open under the current restrictions, will have to close their doors all day on Sundays and at 8 pm every other day, except for pharmacies and petrol stations.

Employers have been strongly urged to allow their staff to work from their home when and if possible.

Czechs struggle to contain coronavirus outbreak

Struggling to bring the pandemic under control, the Czech Republic has the highest new infection rate in Europe. After declaring a state of emergency at the start of the month, the Czech Republic progressively tightened restrictions and imposed a partial lockdown last week, closing most establishments and stores and restricting contact between the population.

Warning that many people were still not complying with the regulations and that the increasing number of COVID-19 cases threatened to push the healthcare sector to its limits, Czech authorities had warned over the week-end that more restrictions were likely to follow.

More than 10,000 cases of COVID-19 infections were registered yesterday, an all-time high for a Monday, albeit slightly inferior to last week’s daily records of more than 15,000.

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