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Czech police detain truck with 48 illegal migrants on board


Brno, Czech Republic – Czech custom officers have stopped and detained a truck with nearly 50 illegal migrants on board, local authorities announced.

According to preliminary reports, 48 illegal migrants were found on board by Czech customs officers, including one woman. Most of them were men coming from Turkey or Syria, and reportedly on their way to Germany and the Netherlands.

They were discovered during a transport check by Czech custom authorities near Breclav, in South Moravia, on the highway between Bratislava in Slovakia and Brno.

The two Turkish drivers of the truck told Czech authorities they had no idea the migrants had been in their vehicle and that they were just transporting tiles. Both of them are suspected of human smuggling but haven’t been charged yet.

The migrants are now being questioned and their fate remains uncertain. Some of them may be sent back to their country of origin or decide to file for asylum. None of them appears to be suffering from serious health problems, and they have all tested negative for COVID-19, according to media reports.

Custom officers routinely arrest trucks and vehicles carrying migrants through the Czech Republic, usually trying to make their way to Germany or other Western European countries, but rarely in such numbers.

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