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Five top advantages of studying in Poland


Poland is slowly becoming a more popular destination for students who want to study abroad. Not many students consider it when they weigh their options, but this country has a lot to offer. From an amazing history to great quality of education, studying in Poland comes with a myriad of perks. Here are just 5 of the top reasons why a student should consider an opportunity to study there.

1.   Amazing study programs

There are over 400 universities spread across Poland and over 1.1 million students enrolled in them. These are impressive numbers and just proof of their amazing educational system. Many of these institutions are top-rated in Europe and on a worldwide level. Today, there are hundreds of programs available in English and Polish, accessible to both national and international students.

Higher education has a very long tradition in Poland. The first university in the country was opened in 1364 – The Krakow Academy. This school remains one of the oldest institutions in the world. If you choose to study in this country, you can enroll in a top-rated college program or a university equipped with a state-of-the-art research laboratory and brilliant staff. The educational system in Poland is strict and widely recognized for its quality.

2.   Magical places

Poland has it all – amazing cities, unique history, pure and untouched nature, and amazing destinations. When you get there, you’ll uncover a whole new world. They have a mixture of beautiful architecture, unique art, many cultures, and delicious cuisine.

Make sure to immerse yourself in it while you’re there. If you don’t have the time, use some tools and tricks to finish your assignments faster – for example, browse through education essay samples to get inspiration. Go into nature to change your environment and get that motivation flowing. 

Every city in this country will give you a lot to do while you’re there. You’ll see old churches, mesmerizing castles, and big squares. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum and Krakow’s historic Old Town are just two remarkable destinations offered by this country. The cities that are filled with students have great places to hang out in, too. Krakow, for example, has amazing literary cafes and cellar bars where people meet up to spend some quality time together.

3.   Affordable living

The average cost of studying and living in Poland is much more affordable than Nordic or Western European countries. This is why Poland is an amazing place for a student to pursue their studies. Not only do they have a quality education, but they also won’t put students into immense debt.

If you’re seeking to obtain European education at a reasonable cost, this is an amazing option. Living expenses go around up to $80 for a month for a shared room, and up to $170 for a month for a single room. Dormitories cost $60 per student, while you can get a cafeteria lunch at only $2. These are just examples of what your life in Poland would cost if you plan well. According to the 2016 QS Best Student Cities index, Warsaw is the second most affordable city for students.

4.   Vibrant student life

Since there are millions of students currently studying in Poland, you can only imagine what student life is like. With those low prices and an amazing mixture of cultures, this is the place to be for students today! Nowadays in Poland, you can go to numerous student festivals that take place every year and date back centuries.

Of course, there’s also the nightlife. Students need an outlet after they spend days and hours studying and attending exams. Thankfully, Polish cities have plenty to offer to those who are thirsty for some fun. You’ll find many pubs, clubs, and restaurants filled with students in Poland.

5.   Friendly people

The Poles are known for their hospitality, especially when it comes to foreign guests. They tend to be very friendly with people who visit their country. Due to the increasing number of international students joining their university programs, you can expect to meet some amazing people while living there.

The bottom line of studying in Poland

If you are deciding on where in Europe to study, Poland should be on your brainstorming list. It has a lot to offer. Start with the most important thing, quality of education, and move to affordable living and great culture. What you get is an amazing combination of student life.

By Robert Everett

Robert Everett is a journalist and freelance writer who lives his life ”on the edge”. He’s a travel addict that moves from place to place intending to discover the world. On his blogs, you can read about his travel experiences, adventures, as well as some great writing advice.