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Prague among most crypto-friendly destinations in the world in 2020


Prague, Czech Republic – Although still not a very common practice, crypto-currencies are getting increasingly popular in a number of countries around the world, including the Czech Republic, whose capital city Prague is emerging as one of the best places in Europe in that regard.

Terms as crypto vacations or crypto shopping are now part of many people’s vocabulary and, while many restrictions are still in place, a growing number of users go out and pay their expenses with crypto-currencies on a more regular basis.

If you’re a crypto-currency fan or are just starting in this world, here are the top 5 places in the world you should consider.

Caribbean countries

Better than starting with a single city, the Caribbean islands and countries as a whole are undoubtedly one of the greatest options to enjoy a fabulous crypto-vacation.

A clear example of this is the Dominican Republic, whose hotels – including in the popular holiday destination of Punta Cana – offer you the possibility to make your reservations in cryptocurrencies, usually Bitcoin. In touristy places, it’s also common to find Bitcoin ATMs where people can use their virtual wallets to take out the local currency.

Prague, Czech Republic

According to Coinmap data, Prague ranks as the world’s most crypto-friendly capital, both for tourists and residents.

Contrary to many other countries, in the Czech Republic, and specifically Prague, not everything revolves around Bitcoin, but a wide range of cryptocurrencies in general are available and quite easily accessible. Practically everything that can be done with the Czech koruna can also be achieved through a transaction using cryptocurrencies – going to the movies, paying your rent or buying groceries.

For that reason, the public is constantly testing different cryptocurrencies, including checking out the Litecoin 101 introduction to study one of the most promising crypto-currencies out there at the moment.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Popularly known as the Latin American capital of Bitcoin, Buenos Aires has more than 140 businesses that accept Bitcoin without any problem, from grocery stores to a taxi line.

However, where acceptance and transactions with Bitcoin within Buenos Aires shine the most is when you hire the services of a professional or a startup, with the commercial sector often using Bitcoin or U.S. dollars for their transactions, possibly more than the Argentinian pesos.

Zug, Switzerland

On legal terms, cryptocurrencies in Switzerland have not yet been defined in any specific way, but this doesn’t keep people from using it on an increasingly frequent basis, including to rent a home or to register a company.

In itself, the technology used in the blockchain has already been put to the test during municipal elections, which is the reason why the Swiss city of Zug defends its title of “Crypto-Valley” with such enthusiasm. Hard to expect less from a country known for the strength of its financial and banking sector.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

In the same way as Buenos Aires, Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana has by far the largest mining platform in the country, and has been baptized as the “BTC City”.

With more than 500 stores of crypto-friendly economy, Ljubljana is an ideal destination in Europe to pay, from a cup of coffee to a car, using only cryptocurrencies.

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