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What are the latest gaming trends in Slovakia?


Bratislava, Slovakia – The gaming market in Slovakia is slowly taking shape and becoming a productive sector. Several people are developing an interest in playing both gambling and non-gambling games – the latter being rather easy to find and play.

But for gambling games where you have to wager real money, more caution should be exercised to be sure to play only on reputable sites. In case you’re wondering where to find such games, you can play online here to enjoy games like online roulette.

We will take a brief look at the trends in Slovakia that are moving the gaming industry forward.

Video gaming on the increase in Slovakia

At the end of 2019, the Slovak video gaming market recorded a venue of 51.1 million euros and employed over 750 professionals. This year, the gaming industry has continued to grow, with many more gaming products being purchased by consumers. The Slovak Game Developers Association has predicted that the turnover from digital gaming products by Slovak developers will reach an estimate of 55 million euros.

The turnover experienced in 2019 was also better than in 2018, with an approximately 12% income increase compared to the previous year. With the ever-growing industry and gaming opportunities, the growth will inevitably continue.

Mobile gaming is leading the sector

While console and PC gaming are also growing higher, mobile games are dominating. This is not only seen in Slovakia but all around the world – a not too surprising trend considering the fact that mobile devices are being used for almost all kinds of activities in today’s world. Mobile phones also help you to enjoy gaming on the go, without being restricted to a particular location.

One another thing that has contributed to this is the availability of mobile devices, which have not only become more available, but also cheaper. Due to this, many more people have been able to afford smartphones and are using the devices for gaming at their leisure.

Online casinos are also becoming popular

The gambling industry in Slovakia is not as large as in other countries such as the United Kingdom or Canada.

However, it is beginning to grow at a slow space. Slovakia’s gambling market only began to develop in the 1990’s, but it wasn’t until the 2000’s online casinos began to operate in the country under relatively restricting laws, allowing only players that had licenses from the government to join online casinos. Yet, players from the country continued to wager and play games on unlicensed sites operated from other countries.

In 2016, a new online gambling law was adopted, enabling to block citizens from playing on offshore sites. Following the adoption of the new regulation, Slovakia began losing international gambling operators.

However, a new gambling act was signed in March 2019, ending the country’s monopoly on online gambling games, and allowing foreign operators to cater to the local market as well. This has opened better opportunities for growth in Slovakia’s gambling market and, as more operators continue to launch sites for Slovak players, the industry is bound to continue to progress in the years to come.

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