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Czech Republic and Poland ranked among worst in the world for COVID-19 response


Prague, Czech Republic – Poland and the Czech Republic count among the worst countries in the world in terms of COVID-19 response and management, according to a new Bloomberg index.

Unveiled this week, Bloomberg’s COVID Resilience Ranking scores 53 of the world’s largest economies to determine which countries have been the best – and the worst – at tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout.

Countries are ranked with 10 key metrics, including coronavirus cases and death toll statistics, resilience of the healthcare sector, impact of coronavirus-related restrictions on businesses and citizens’ freedom of movement.

The ranking should be taken with caution, however.

“It’s not a final verdict, nor could it ever be with imperfections in virus data and the fast pace of this crisis, which has seen subsequent waves confound places that handled things well the first time around”, Bloomberg analysts warn – a statement that rings particularly true in the case of Visegrad countries, among the most several affected by the second wave after managing to contain the outbreak in the spring very quickly.

“Still, the gap that has opened up between those economies at the top and those at the bottom is likely to endure, with potentially lasting consequences in the post-Covid world”.

Source: Bloomberg

Ranked 49th, the Czech Republic comes at the bottom end of the COVID-19 response and resilience index, with the second worst score among EU countries. Only four countries taken into account in the study (Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Belgium) fare worse than Prague in terms of management of the COVID public health and economic crisis.

Poland, for its part, ranks 44th out 53, slightly better than its Czech neighbour but still in the top 10 worst countries, according to Bloomberg.

At respectively 44.8% and 26%, Poland and the Czech Republic have among the highest positivity test rates in the world.

At the other end of the scope, what are the best places to live in the coronavirus era? It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan – all hailed for their swift and decisive action in containing their outbreak – make up the top 3, followed by South Korea and Finland rounding up the top 5.

Norway, Australia, China, Denmark and Vietnam also perform well and have been able to quickly curb the spread of the virus while minimizing the economic fallout of coronavirus-related restrictions.

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