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Krakow and Budapest ranked among best cities for remote working in 2021


Budapest, Hungary – Courtesy of the COVID-19 crisis and coronavirus-related restrictions, remote working is no longer the exclusive privilege of young digital nomads. Which is why it might prove useful, as lockdowns linger on, to know which are the best cities to work remotely this year.

According to the latest study published by the Big Seven Travel website and forum, a number of CEE cities made the ranking of the best 50 cities in the world for remote working in 2021.

Krakow and Budapest among world’s top 50 best cities for remote working

Ranked as the 21st best city in the world for remote working, Poland’s historic capital and second-largest city Krakow is described as “one of Central Europe’s most bumping digital nomad spots”.

“Thanks to its rich history, endless things to do and well-connected expat community, it’s a huge draw for remote workers who want to land in Europe [and] maintains a small-town charm thanks to its tight-knit neighbourhoods”. We won’t argue there.

“When it comes to thriving cities for remote workers in central Europe, Budapest is a cut above the rest”, further write the authors of the ranking, citing the boom of co-working spaces, the high speed of internet and the highly attractive cost of living among the top reasons to choose the Hungarian capital, ranked 38th overall.

CEE countries emerging as hotspot for digital nomads

Lagging slightly behind its Central European counterparts, Prague – regularly branded as one of the most attractive cities in Europe for expats and millennials – comes at a commendable 47th place in the ranking. “In addition to being rich in charm and history, the [Czech] capital is a practical option for expats as it is affordable, well connected and hosts a variety of other expats to connect with”.

When it comes to remote working and digital nomads hotspots, Central and Eastern European cities may, according to the ranking, very well be the place to consider the most seriously, with the top 3 made up of Tallinn (Estonia), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Belgrade (Serbia).

Bali, Chiang Mai, Berlin, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Hanoi and Ljubljana complete the top 10, while other Central and Eastern European cities featured in the ranking include Saint Petersburg (12th), Vilnius (18th) and Kyiv (20th).

You can find the full results here.

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