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Poles and Czechs among Europe’s biggest spenders on alcohol

WARSAW, POLAND – Poles and Czechs spend more money on alcohol than most other Europeans, according to the latest figures from Eurostat for the year 2019.

Households in Poland and the Czech Republic spent an average of 3.4% of their total consumption expenditure on alcoholic beverages, the fourth highest rate in the European Union according to the EU’s statistical office.

Both Central European countries are known for having among the highest consumption of alcohol per capita in the world.

The highest figures were found in the three Baltic States of Latvia (4.8% of total expenditure), Estonia (4.7%) and Lithuania (3.7%).

Czechs and Poles spend more than 3% of their total household consumption expenditure on alcohol. Source: Eurostat

Other big spenders include Croatia, Hungary and Finland (2.9% each).

At the other end of the ranking, Italy (0.9%), Greece (0.9%) and the Netherlands (1.1%) spent – in relative terms – the least amount on alcohol.

In total, EU citizens spent no less than 117 billion (equivalent to 0.8% of GDP) on alcoholic beverages in 2019 – representing 1.6% of their total consumption expenditure.

With mounting evidence of increased alcohol consumption during lockdown – while a number of other daily expenses have dropped as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and closures – 2020 figures are expected to be significantly higher.

Note: The data presented here does not include alcoholic beverages consumed in public establishments such as restaurants and hotels.