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Hungarian supermarket plays match-maker on Valentine’s Day with “single’s baskets”


Budapest, Hungary – Amid the doom and gloom of the lingering pandemic, a Hungarian supermarket took matters into its own hands and decided to play match-maker for Valentine’s Day by providing special shopping baskets for single people.

The Auchan supermarket in the Hungarian city of Csomor, east of Budapest, took on the role of Cupid on Sunday, offering shoppers special blue and pink baskets featuring a “Single Seeking Mate” sign on it.

According to the rules, anyone meandering through the supermarket’s aisles with such a basket is open to dating while shopping.

The colour of the basket chosen relates to the gender of the person they are looking to date.

“Are you single? Use the singles’ baskets so you can meet ‘the one’ in your favourite store”, a sign read at the entrance of the Auchan supermarket.

The Valentine’s Day initiative, thought up by staffers concerned that the pandemic has significantly restricted dating possibilities for single people for nearly a year now, was met with great success and extended to other stores in Hungary.

“It’s a great idea in this time of coronavirus. It’s an opportunity for those seeking partners, and entertaining and funny as well,” a 25-year-old shopper told AFP.

Auchan manager Ildiko Varga-Futo also insisted that “you can only get acquainted with the maximum compliance with epidemiological rules”.

It’s still unclear how many dates and love stories emerged from this quirky romantic initiative.

Although 40-year-old Annamaria didn’t find her soulmate, she’s keeping her chin up: “It didn’t work, but next time I’d try it again,” she told reporters on her way out of the supermarket.

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