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Top scholarships for Polish-American students


Getting a scholarship is always welcome since this can be an opportunity to get some financial help for your studies. In this guide, you will learn everything about scholarships for American-Polish students, legit writing services, and some tips on how to write scholarship papers. If you are ready for a big change in your life, read this scholarship guide!

Top 4 scholarships for Polish-American students

Polish students have limitless opportunities when it comes to scholarships in the USA. What kind of scholarships can you use while studying there? Learn more details here: 

  1. Arthur and Genevieve Roth Scholarship

All US citizens of Polish descent can apply to this program. Those who get into it will get $1,000 every year they can spend on their studies and improving the educational process.

  1. Dr. Marie Zakrzewski Medical Scholarship

Every year, the Kosciuszko Foundation grants $3,500 to young women studying in the first, second, and third years of medicine. Applicants must have American or Polish citizenship and have GPAs of at least 3.0 (the higher the better).

  1. Irene and Lubomir Zabilski Scholarship

Every year, the PC Foundation gives this scholarship to freshmen who are enrolled in a higher education institution and are New Jersey residents. To get the scholarship, participants must be US citizens or residents who live in the US permanently and have a 3.0 GPA or higher.

  1. Jozef and Regina Marciniec Grant

The award of $2,000 is given every year to students from different years in any area who study in Michigan and speak the Polish language fluently. Those who are applying for the scholarship must submit their grades, motivation letter, two recommendation letters, and proof of their service work in the PA community.

However, just applying for a scholarship won’t be enough for you to get it. It is also crucial to create a scholarship essay that would impress the committee and help you get accepted. In this article, you can find a few more tips and insights on how to do it.

Tips on writing a good scholarship essay 

To get any scholarship you want, you’ll have to craft a good scholarship essay. This is where you can find some tips to do it, so read this mini-guide first before you start writing this kind of paper: 

  • Create a strong opening sentence. This is your only chance to grab the attention of people who will be reading your essay. Use it properly! There are many different ways to start your essay. You can start with a story or memorable fact. Take a look at some examples to see what type of hooks might work out for you.
  • Wrapping up your essay accordingly is also important. Make sure that your ending isn’t cut off. You can finish by restating some info or repeating your thesis statement. It is better to avoid adding any facts to your ending since this might confuse your reader.
  • Plan your essay. Every piece of writing you create should be logical. To do that, you’ll need to create an outline first. This can be done by studying the structure for these types of papers and applying it to yours. Outline your essay on a paper or in a Word Document, and then use it to write your scholarship essay.
  • Do some research. Of course, your scholarship essay should be about you. However, it would be a good idea to learn what kind of organization is giving the scholarship and what mission they have. Being familiar with the organization will help you come up with better ideas on how to create an essay that would catch their attention.
  • Getting assistance from professional writers. If you feel like you need some help with your paper and there isn’t much time left, you should not hesitate to request professional assistance. These professionals will help you handle all kinds of papers, including scholarship essays. Professional writers will provide you with some useful tips and samples of papers, so you will nail your assignment for sure.
  • Avoid plagiarism. There is no point in stealing somebody else’s ideas and pretending they are yours. You should understand that the scholarship committee will pay attention to the uniqueness of your paper. This is why it is crucial to use only your ideas, and if you feel like using somebody else’s quote, you should cite it.
  • Ask someone to read your paper. It’s always nice to have someone look at your work and share their feedback. This way, you’ll know how other people perceive your writing and what kind of flaws it might have. Don’t hesitate to ask others to help you with your assignment since this is what might help you significantly improve your work.

Writing scholarship essays isn’t as hard as you think 

All these tips will definitely be useful if you use all of them to create a piece of paper that will get you that scholarship. It will take some time to get done, but if you start early, you’ll manage to complete it soon. And what is more, there is always a way to deal with any assignments faster. If you want to speed up this process, just use scholarship writing help provided by experts who know something about such types of papers.