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Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians among most-liked nationalities in Poland


Warsaw, Poland – A new CBOS poll has revealed which nationalities are the most and least liked in Poland, with neighbouring Central European countries dominating the top of the ranking.

Czechs and Italians most-liked nationalities in Poland, survey shows

Carried out in early February, the CBOS survey showed that Czechs were the most-liked nationality in Poland (63% of respondents expressing a positive opinion towards their southern neighbour), closely followed by Italians (62%) and Slovaks (61%), as well as Americans and Hungarians (both 60%).

A majority of Poles also have a good opinion of Spaniards (57%), Croats (55%), Norwegians (54%), English (52%) and French (50%).

Germans, Ukrainians, Jews and Chinese people are liked by approximately 40% of Poles, according to the survey, with positive attitudes remaining a few percentage points above negative feelings in all four cases.

Arabs and Roma at the bottom end of the poll

On the other hand, only one third of respondents declare liking Russians (35%) and Romanians (33%). In these two cases, the share of negative and positive attitudes were somewhat similar.

The Polish population’s attitude towards foreign nationalities significantly improved in most cases, with the biggest year-on-year hikes in positive attitudes observed towards Belarusians (+16 percentage points), French, Hungarians and Lithuanians (+12 pp), Italians (+11 pp) and Czechs and Americans (+10 pp).

At the other end of the spectrum, Roma (24%) and Arabs (26%) were the least liked, with respectively 46% and 42% of Polish respondents declaring disliking them.

Note: the survey fails to differentiate nationalities and regional or ethnic minorities.

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