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Casinos in Central Europe well-known for their classic design


The thrill of going to an actual land-based casino will never be eliminated; although online casinos are on the rise and justifiably so, the experience of a land-based casino can’t be disregarded. Especially when they are beautifully designed with a unique flair, it’s something you can only experience in person. Some magnificent and historical casinos in Central Europe are well-known for their history and classic design. People from all over the world visit these locations to experience the atmosphere that each of them has to offer.

Poland – Hotel Grand Sopot Casino

The Hotel Grand Sopot Casino in Poland originally opened in 1927 and is a member of historic hotels worldwide since 2018. This place was originally known as Kasino Hotel during the 1920s with a beautiful art-deco architectural design.

Although this casino has been around for a very long time and went through some hard times (like WWII), the hotel stood strong. After the war, the building reopened with a new name, Grand Hotel. This place went through many owners throughout the years. In the 1990s, the hotel was acquired by the AccorHotels Group. They modernized it and reopened it as the Sofitel Grand Sopot in 2006. 

This place remains as one of the city’s most defining landmarks architecturally. Today, players still enjoy a land-based casino like this one, but they also enjoy the convenience and ease of online casino entertainment.

Hungary – Las Vegas Casino

Las Vegas Casino was opened in 1992 in the Hotel Sofitel in Budapest, Hungary, and is one of the most frequented casinos in Central Europe. This is known as the largest land-based casino in the whole region and it’s a place that every gambler wants to visit as it has enough options to keep you entertained for hours on end.

In 2015, a new era of casino gaming in Hungary emerged as Las Vegas Casino went under a new contract with the opening of four new casinos. In total, the casinos in this contract are Las Vegas Casino, Sofitel Budapest, Corvin Setany, Atlantis, Tropicana and Atrium Eurocenter.

The aim of this is to offer their guests an unforgettable and thrilling casino environment.

Czech Republic – King’s Casino

King’s Casino in the Czech Republic houses the largest poker room in all of Europe. This casino opened in 2003, so it’s still a fairly younger land-based casino, but has managed to do a lot since. In 2015, King’s Casino partnered with the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and essentially became the host of WSOP in Europe.

In 2018, King’s Casino was renamed King’s Resort. The design is extravagant featuring luxurious chandeliers and various unique elements made of glass. Decorated with glass columns, stunning light fixtures and an amazing glass dome, the design of this place cannot be easily forgotten. It’s no wonder, the details are unmatched!

Romania – Grand Casino Bucharest

Grand Casino is a luxury resort located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. It’s one of the most exclusive areas with a thrilling gambling experience and a premium relaxation feel at the hotel. The Grand Casino opened in 2001 and can be found at the JW Marriot Bucharest. The casino never closes and features 150 gaming machines and 18 tables.

The style of the casino is muted with calm colours of gold and off-white with some subtle wallpaper mixed in there. The walls hold classic paintings and the ceilings house stunning chandeliers. The slot rooms have neon lights that separate the different sections of the casino. It’s classic and has a clean-cut style. 

Germany – Casino Baden-Baden

Casino Baden-Baden located in Germany is known as one of the most expensive casinos in the world. This casino was built over two centuries ago and, the look and feel of it has luxury written all over it. Looking out at the Black Forest, the setting is like a fantasy.

This casino became famous worldwide in the 19th century when people from all over the world came here to gamble. The style of Casino Baden-Baden has French influence equipped from the 19th century with ornately decorated rooms that were modelled after royal French palaces. The décor is stunning with rich colours throughout. Some have said it’s like walking through an elegant museum with all the intricated decorations.

These five brick and mortar casinos are some of the most beautifully designed casinos across Europe which attract all sorts of players from around the world. Each has unique characteristics, rich history and attractions that keep players eager to visit these locations. Whether you want to go to King’s Resort in the Czech Republic to play poker and or would like to experience the stunning French-inspired décor at the Casino Baden-Baden in Germany, the options are there.