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US soldiers’ drunken escapade to Polish strip club ends with missing officer

warsaw, Poland – A US Army battalion’s two-day trip to Gdańsk turned into an episode of The Hangover, involving a drunken escapade to an off-limits strip club and the suspected drugging of a military officer who went missing and wasn’t found until the next day.

An Army report, revealed on Monday by the American military newspaper Stars and Stripes, details the incident during which the executive officer of the 1st Battalion of the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade went missing after being reportedly drugged by strippers during a night of heavy drinking in Gdańsk last year.

The incident took place back in September during a nine-month rotation in Poland, after roughly 40 members of the unit traveled to the port city to take a tour of World War II battlefields.

Based on interviews with numerous soldiers, the Army report explains how after celebrating their sergeant major’s 40th birthday, an unspecified number of “heavily intoxicated” soldiers went to Obsession Club, a notorious strip club in Gdańsk’s city center, where the battalion executive officer is believed to have received “multiple lap dances” by strippers who “bit his nipples to keep him awake, and repeatedly had his credit card swiped.”

The report talks about multiple receipts adding up to 50,000, though it isn’t clear whether that was U.S. dollars or Polish zloty, which is roughly equivalent to $13,000.

Though the report did not determine how the night ended, the officer was found in a different hotel the next morning by the unit’s sergeant major and battalion commander who had organized a search party and retraced their steps from the night before. The soldiers then went on to complete an abbreviated version of their World War II battlefield tour.

While the two-day trip was supposed to be about improving “unit cohesion and morale,” it ended in scandal as word quickly spread through the unit about a visit to an “alleged sex dungeon” where tens of thousands of dollars were spent, sparking the Army to probe into the incident.

Multiple officers are now reported to be facing the possible end of their military careers.

“The same standards of conduct and leadership apply here in Europe as they do in the United States,” a US Army spokesman said in a statement. “Our permanently stationed and rotational forces are expected to live by the same Army Values.”

Gdańsk’s Obsession Club is known for being a place where drinks get spiked and woozy patrons get scammed out of thousands of dollars.