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A quarter of Czechs do not plan to get vaccinated, study shows


Prague, Czech Republic – A majority of Czechs would like to get vaccinated against Covid-19, while about a quarter of the population does not plan to get inoculated.

Majority of Czechs now plan to get vaccinated against Covid-19

According to a survey conducted in April by the Center for Public Opinion Research at the Czech Academy of Sciences, cited by the Czech News Agency (CTK), 59% of Czechs said they planned to be vaccinated, while 26% of them declared they wouldn’t (a drop from 33% in February).

The Czech Republic’s deadly second and third waves, combined with the increased possibilities allowed to those who have been inoculated, appear to have had a clear impact on growing vaccine acceptance among the Czech population.

Only six months ago, three-fifths of Czechs declared they would refuse to get the jab, a phenomenon partly linked to the widespread belief in conspiracy theories related to the pandemic and anti-Covid vaccines.

Czech vaccine rollout faces strong criticism

Preliminary data suggest people with a higher level of education and older age groups more at risk of contracting a severe form of the disease are more willing to receive an anti-Covid vaccine. Vaccine scepticism remains high among younger Czechs, with recent figures suggesting up to a third of young adults did not want to get vaccinated.

Around 60% of Czechs would prefer the Pfizer/BioNTech jab, while an equal share of respondents would not want to receive the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine, which has not been approved by the EU’s Medicines Agency.

Despite vaccine acceptance growing in the Czech Republic, the organisation and speed of the government’s vaccine rollout is assessed positively by only 15% of respondents (a 5-point increase compared to February).

Older people, many of whom have already received at least one dose, assess the vaccination process much more positively than the rest of the population.

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