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Six-meter python found in Czech river


Prague, Czech Republic – Czech firemen have pulled a 6-meter-long reticulated python out of a river in Moravia-Silesia, local media reported on Monday.

The snake, which weighed around 50 kilograms, is believed to have escaped from a nearby breeder, and was already dead when found.

A passer-by saw it floating on the surface of the river Olše in Český Těšín, in the Moravian-Silesian region, before calling the police, which themselves notified the fire brigade.

Quoted by the Czech News Agency (CTK), fireman Petr Kůdela said it still wasn’t clear how the 6-meter python escaped and the circumstances of its death.

The reticulated python, widely considered as the world’s longest types of snake along with the green anaconda and one of the heaviest species, is a python originating from south and southeast Asia.

Known as very good swimmers and non-venomous, reticulated pythons can kill humans and other mammals by constriction – i.e. wrapping themselves around their prey, thus stopping blood flow and causing cardiac arrest in their victims.

Such finds are, needless to say, quite rare in the Czech Republic.

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