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Euro fail: French fans end up in Bucharest instead of Budapest


Budapest, Hungary – Six French football fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their team in Budapest mistakenly ended up… in Bucharest instead.

A Bucharest-based blogger uncovered the evidently lost group of French sports tourists meandering through the streets of the Romanian capital.

Euro 2020: French football fans travel to Bucharest instead of Budapest

With the Hungarian Parliament and the Chain Bridge nowhere in sight, the enthusiastic group of French supporters started wondering whether they were in the right city. Or country.

“We’re trying to see where the mistake came from,” they said. “At the travel agency or at the airport. It’s very possible we simply boarded the wrong plane.”

After taking a closer look at their belongings, it turns out three of them had indeed booked plane tickets for Bucharest, while the other three had seats on a Budapest-bound flight.

Figuring out how they all managed to end up in Bucharest – considering, as one of them claimed, the tickets were bought in bulk – remains a mystery.

“We need to learn more about Europe”

“We need to learn more about Europe,” one of them admits, pointing to the fact that this was their first trip in this part of the continent and that, “to be honest”, they didn’t know beforehand the difference between Bucharest and Budapest.

According to Adi Munteanu, who talked to the six French fans, the supporters traveled from the airport to the city centre with a group of Ukrainian fans, believing they were Hungarian locals who knew their way around. Before realizing they were as lost, and as foreign, as they were.

The unfortunate trip ended with a last-minute Airbnb booking. And an evening spent watching the eagerly-awaited match on TV in a bar. With a disappointing 1-1 draw for the world champions.

Could their presence in Budapest’s Puskas Arena have tipped the odds in favour of their team? Looks like we’ll never know…

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