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Picturesque nature of the Czech Republic: Unique national parks worth visiting


Prague, Czech Republic – Travel is an integral part of our lives. Someone goes to the North to see the amazing fjords and northern lights, someone rushes to the American continent to play the best slots online and try spicy food, and someone dreams of going to the East to see the unusual architecture and traditions. Each place is unique, attractive and leaves a lot of positive emotions.

Today we will tell you about a side of the Czech Republic that is definitely worth getting to know. Because besides beautiful architecture, amazing beer, and rich history, it also boasts breathtaking landscapes and the beauty of nature.

Krkonoše National Park

The most famous mountain range of the Czech Republic with the highest point in the country (Sněžka) is one of the most unique natural areas of Central Europe. Thanks to the distant past of the glacier there are many special biotopes with their own unique ecosystem. Endless alpine meadows surrounded by mountain ranges, magical waterfalls and dense forests, valleys, and mysterious peat bogs and swamps – it’s all to be found here.

The Krkonoše National Park is very popular among hikers and trekkers. Throughout the park, there are special hiking trails and so-called scientific trails, i.e. trails that pass through special geological or zoological areas. The most interesting places to visit are the Pančavský waterfall, which is the highest waterfall in the Czech Republic (148 meters), the pastoral Mumlava waterfalls near Harrachov, Snežka, the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, and the beautiful views from mountain ranges such as Kozí hřbety and Liščí hora.

There are also several castles and fortresses. Among the most interesting are Jilemnice Castle in the village of the same name and Pecka Castle with beautiful ruins in the Podkrkonoše mountains.

The Krkonoše Mountains are also one of the most popular mountain resorts in the Czech Republic. Špindlerův Mlýn is a very popular place among winter sports enthusiasts.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Bohemian Switzerland National Park is probably the most famous and most visited natural area on the territory of the Czech Republic. And no wonder, because its beauty is truly amazing. The park is located on the Czech part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, which in the German part are called Saxon Switzerland (in our humble opinion, the Czech part is much more picturesque).

Bohemian Switzerland is a land of majestic pine and mixed forests, from which, as from an unknown green ocean, protrude rocky cities and labyrinths – amazingly shaped stone formations created by nature itself.

The jewel of the park is without a doubt Pravčická brána (Pravčická Gate) – the largest natural rock gate on our continent.  Not far from the monumental arch is the picturesque tourist castle Sokoliné Gnezdo (Falcon’s Nest), built here in 1881. Its first floor has a restaurant with original painted decoration. Together they form a fabulous and fascinating picture, the view of which is a hallmark of Bohemian Switzerland.

Almost all of the hiking trails passing through the park are worth a visit. Some of the places worth visiting are the romantic ruins of the Dolský mill, the famous basalt cliff Panská skála, which looks like an organ carved into the rock due to its narrow vertical pipes, the numerous rock labyrinths such as the Myší díra and of course the rafting on the mysterious and incredibly beautiful Kamenice River.

Podyjí National Park

Despite the fact that Podyjí is the smallest Czech national park, it is as beautiful and unique as many other nature reserves. The park lies along the picturesque Dyje River, meanders, and bays of which form natural reserves of amazing beauty. The park is located in South Moravia, so the climate is much warmer than in the northern part of the country, and the local nature inspires thoughts of sunny sea areas. The signature landmark of Podyje is the exceptional scenery of the winding river, endless vineyards, and rocky cliffs.

The park is very popular during the summer season among hikers and bikers, as well as among fans of natural bathing – the water in the river Dyje is very warm in summer.  Among the local attractions, it is worth noting the delightful scenery of the river, so deeply cut into the landscape that it is sometimes called the river canyon. The park is very rich in flora and fauna – many animals living in its territory, are rarely found in the Czech Republic or only here.

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