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Prague station ranked as most stressful in the world


Prague, Czech Republic – A new study focusing on the stress induced by selected metro and train stations on commuters has ranked one stop in Prague as the most stressful in the world.

The research by FleetLogging uses the so-called TesniStrength technology, a tool designed to identify and measure the level of stress contained in written text.

Analyzing the anxiety levels of Google Maps reviews of metro and train stations around the world, FleetLogging determined that Prague-Čakovice station has a stress level of 100%, making it the most stressful station in the world alongside Uručča station in Minsk, Belarus.

The research suggests that every single Google Maps review of Prague-Čakovice, a railway station located in the northern suburbs of the Czech capital, contained some level of stress and anxiety, and that not a single commuter (among those who actually left a review) was overall satisfied with the station.

Launched in 1974 in then communist Czechoslovakia, Prague’s metro system is frequently praised as one of the most efficient and accessible in Europe, with three lines each intersecting with one another at one station. A fourth line is scheduled to start construction soon, linking Pankrac to Nove Dvory by 2027.

Over 250 million passengers used the Prague metro system in 2020, a significant drop compared to previous years as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The other most stressful metro or train stations in the world, according to this study, are Nuovo Salario (Rome), Jette (Brussels), Svilengrad (Bulgaria), Jeddah (Egypt), Harbin (China), Osijek (Croatia), Kifisias (Greece) and Harlingen (Netherlands).

The underground systems notoriously known for ranking among the most stressful in the world, such as London’s Tube or the New York subway, report surprinsgly low levels of anxiety.

The full study is available here.

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