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“Proud of you”, Trump writes in letter to Viktor Orban


Budapest, Hungary – In a letter sent last month to Viktor Orban, former US President Donald Trump expressed his continued support and friendship to the Hungarian Prime Minister.

“Thank you for your beautiful letter and for your generous support and encouragement on behalf of the citizens of Hungary,” reads Trump’s letter, evidently sent in response to a previous one sent by Orban.

“I am grateful for your continued friendship and enduring commitment to fighting for the ideals you and I cherish – freedom, patriotic pride and liberty,” it continues.

“Melania and I send our very best wishes to you, Anika and your beautiful family. May God bless you and may He continue to bless Hungary.”

The letter ends with a handwritten passage where Trump congratulates Orban for his recent interview with Fox News star host Tucker Carlson.

“Great job on Tucker. Proud of you!”, enthusiastically wrote the former US President with a notoriously passionate hate-love relationship with Fox News.

The letter was shared on Monday on Orban’s Facebook page, with the caption “Thanks for watching” (the Carlson show), before being widely shared by Orban supporters and critics alike on social media.

Trump and Orban, who met at the White House in 2019 during a highly anticipated meeting for conservative circles in Budapest and Washington, cultivated a close relationship throughout the former President’s tenure – and evidently beyond – and are often presented as kindred political leaders in terms of governing style, policies and rhetoric.

Orban was the only EU leader to publicly back Trump in 2016 and 2020 – a support that did not go unnoticed in Trump’s White House which, breaking years of isolation, positively engaged with the Hungarian government.

His loss to Joe Biden, who isn’t as well disposed towards Budapest’s strongman, was seen as a major setback for Orban’s diplomatic efforts, an issue he also broached upon during the Carlson interview.

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