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“Slovak Billie Eilish” becomes first to be featured on Times Square billboard


Bratislava, Slovakia – Singer Karin Ann, often dubbed the “Slovak Billie Eilish”, became the first Slovak to be featured on a Times Square billboard in New York.

The 19-year-old musical talent recently released a new song “in company” to be included on her second EP.

“I am glad my music can reach other people in this way and that it can help them identify with what I sing about,” she said.

A known supporter of LGBT rights and gender equality – themes that appear prominently in her songs – she was at the heart of a controversy last July after wearing a rainbow flag during a live performance on Polish national TV station TVP2.

“I want to dedicate the song to the LGBTI community in Poland. You deserve love, you deserve to be safe. I am with you,” she declared just before her performance.

The editor of the television program Radoslaw Bielawski was subsequently fired by TVP management.

“Karin Ann used her performance as an opportunity for her own campaign, causing discomfort to many viewers and at the same time drawing the programme into an ideological dispute”, the public broadcaster, a government mouthpiece, told local media.

“I do not think it is okay to fire someone just because I exercised my fundamental right to freedom of speech,” the 19-year-old singer reacted.

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