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Czech PM Babis ambushed by own son in front of cameras


Prague, Czech Republic – Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) was ambushed yesterday by his own son at a public event in front of cameras.

The shock confrontation took place during the public launch of ANO’s election campaign in the north Bohemian city of Usti nad Labem.

Accompanied by his friend, film director Vit Klusak, Andrej Babis Jr. is seen cutting through the crowd to ambush his father, who remained shielded by a line of bodyguards during the confrontation.

“I have just left a psychologist’s surgery and I have a court expert. How do you feel when you see me? Why did you hurt me?” Babis Jr. is heard asking the Prime Minister.

“I will fight back. I wish you good luck with your campaign to fool the Czech nation with your ANO sect”, he continued.

“The information that I’m psychologically fine should be the best thing you could hear on your birthday,” he told his father, who turned 67 yesterday.

M. Babis Jr. said he was now ready to testify against his father in the police investigation into the infamous Stork’s Nest affair, where the Prime Minister is suspected of having fraudulently obtained EU subsidies worth 50 million Kc in favour of one of the companies he owned via Agrofert.

Babis Jr. accuses his father of having made him a “front man” for the scheme and of having ordered his abduction, in 2018, to Crimea to keep him from testifying to the police. He also said he had been made to sign papers without knowing exactly what he was committing to by Petra Prochazkova, Agrofert’s chief financial officer.

The Czech Prime Minister, who is currently leading in the polls but faces a tough reelection bid next month, has denied the allegations, claiming his son suffered from mental illness and “left the Czech Republic of his own accord”.

The PM’s son, along with other members of his family, are not under criminal investigation anymore as prosecutors gradually dropped the charges. They are now free to testify against the Prime Minister and one of his advisers, who for their part remain under investigation after the case was recently reopened.

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