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“Model for America?” Mitt Romney takes aim at Orban’s Hungary


Budapest, Hungary – Republican senator Mitt Romney slammed Tucker Carlson’s August trip to Budapest and took aim at Hungary’s Orban in a recent speech.

Speaking at Brigham Young University’s Wheatley Institution, in Utah, on Constitution Day last week, Romney warned against the threats faced by US democracy, pointing to the deadly Capital riots in January.

“Our resolve to follow the Constitution’s path, avoiding the perils of authoritarianism is wavering,” he told the audience. “No more stunning evidence of that was the attempt to prevent the lawful and constitutional transfer of power on January 6.”

Without explicitly mentioning the controversial star anchor of Fox News, the Republic Senator and former presidential hopeful went on to slam Tucker Carlson’s recent trip to Budapest, where he met with and interviewed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“A prominent TV pundit traveled to Hungary to extol Viktor Orban as a model for us to emulate,” Romney said.

“Orban censors the media in his country, ignores the will of the people in elections, amasses wealth for himself and his cronies. Hungary is ranked as one of the least free, least democratic countries in the developed world. Hungary, model for America?” he rhetorically asked with an incredulous face (see video above).

Tucker Carlson traveled to Hungary in August, broadcasting his Fox News program from the country throughout a week that ended with a highly anticipated one-on-one interview with Orban.

The visit, throughout which Carlson lavishly praised the Hungarian Prime Minister’s leadership and policies, faced intense scrutiny, with critics accusing the divisive TV anchor of willful ignorance, at best, or of cynicism in his portrayal of Hungary under Orban.

Pro-government pundits, on the other hand, used Carlson’s trip as proof of Orban’s international stature, portraying Hungary as a beacon of conservative-nationalist thought in an otherwise largely decadent Western world – a key talking point of the Prime Minister’s rhetoric.

Earlier this month, former President Donald Trump sent a letter to Orban to congratulate him for his Fox News interview with Carlson. “Great job on Tucker. Proud of you!” he wrote.