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Czech and Hungarian Netflix ranked among best in the world


Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech and Hungarian versions of Netflix are among the very best in the world, according to a new report.

The study, carried out by UK-based website Uswitch and first identified by the Prague Reporter, analyzed international versions of Netflix by cross-referencing Imdb rankings and the total number of award wins and nominations with local catalogues.

As it turns out, the catalogue of movies available on the Czech Netflix has come out on top, ranked first in the world with a final score of 100/100, simply meaning that many of the top-rated movies can be streamed on the Czech platform.

The Czech Republic comes ahead of Japan, South Korea, Hungary and Germany.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of India, Switzerland, Romania, Belgium and Slovakia. The US version of Netflix didn’t even make the top 15, according to the study.

In the overall ranking looking at both movies and TV series, however, the Czech Republic came in second after Japan, while Hungary, Slovakia and Poland came in respectively 6th, 11th and 21st.

The UK version of Netflix was found to offer the best-rated TV shows, surpassing Belgium, Thailand, Singapore and Switzerland.

One should nevertheless keep in mind that the ranking is bound to evolve on a near-monthly basis due to fluctuating Imdb rankings, as well as the localized Netflix offer of movies and TV series changing on a regular basis.

The study indicates that the scores and rankings were accurate as of September 17.

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