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Missing 8-year-old girl found safe in Czech forest


Prague, Czech Republic – An eight-year-old German girl who went missing around the Czech-German border was found safe and sound by Czech police.

Julia had went missing, along with her brother and cousin, during a family hike in a forested area along the border between the Czech Republic and Germany.

The two other children were soon found near the town of Waldmuenchen in Bavaria, but Julia was nowhere to be found for two days.

With the added threat of near-freezing temperatures, Bavarian and Czech police coordinated their efforts to find the young girl as quickly as possible, with hundreds of rescue workers involved in the two-day search around Mount Cerchov, or Schwarzkopf in German.

Helicopters, drones and tracking dogs were also mobilized to rescue the girl in the Bohemian Forest, densely forested and known for its difficult terrain.

Police who found her near the town of Ceska Kubice told reporters that she was suffering from hypothermia but that her condition was stable and her life was not in danger.

“For two days a child can survive without eating or drinking,” police spokesman Josef Weindl said, insisting that “every hour is important” in view of the cold temperatures at night at this time of the year.

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