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Kosice – Bratislava highway finally completed… in Hungary


Budapest, Hungary – The very first and long-awaited highway connecting the Slovak cities of Bratislava and Kosice has finally been completed… via Hungary.

Earlier this week, and after more than 3.5 years, Hungary completed the missing 57-kilometer stretch of the M30 highway between the Hungarian cities of Miskolc and Tornyosnemeti.

With a direct connection to the M3 highway to Budapest, followed by the M1 route to the Slovak border and Bratislava, this means that Slovak drivers will finally have a direct fast route to travel between Slovakia’s two largest cities.

“If you ever dreamed of a direct motorway connecting Kosice and Bratislava, this year your dream will come true,” mockingly reported Slovak media a few months ago. “The last section connecting our two largest cities should be opened. But it has one catch. It will not be in Slovakia.”

Good news for regular commuters between Slovakia’s western and eastern regions. Even though it means having to go through neighbouring Hungary, the new highway will significantly shorten the journey and bypass several more problematic sections on the Slovak motorway.

“I’m glad that with the help of the Hungarian government this promise, made by several previous Slovak prime ministers, has finally been fulfilled,” said the mayor of Kosice, Jozef Polacek.

Slovakia’s own cross-country D1 highway, which is rapidly turning into a mythical pipe dream, remains far from finished.

Its first deadline for completion was set for 2006 but has since repeatedly been postponed until at least 2025.

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