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Czech Republic rocked by deadly cable car accident and murder-suicide shooting in Prague


Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech Republic was struck by two deadly tragedies yesterday.

On Sunday afternoon, a cable-car operating at the popular 1,012-metre-high Jested mountain near Liberec, northern Bohemia, crashed to the ground after it became detached from its cable, killing the cabin operator and only person onboard.

“One cabin fell while on its way down. There was one person inside, who unfortunately succumbed to their injuries,” spokesman Michael Georgiev told Czech Television.

Some fifteen other passengers of the second cabin were evacuated and rescued by firefighters called to the scene. No one else was hurt.

It is the first ever such incident linked to the Czech Republic’s oldest cable car, which dates to 1933.

Police have launched criminal proceedings to shed some light on the fateful incident, which came only one day before a scheduled two-week break for safety inspection and maintenance work.

Offering breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside and into neighbouring Poland and Germany, Jested mountain is a popular week-end getaway spot for Czech tourists and visitors.

Last year, the Czech Railways-operated cable car transported over 210,000 people to the top of the mountain.

Around the same time yesterday, a tragic murder-suicide shooting took place in Prague’s Strasnice district, leaving two people dead.

According to police investigators, a dispute between neighbours dramatically escalated when one of them shot the other one dead.

The shooter, who barricaded himself in a room following the shooting, reportedly killed himself afterwards.

Two other eye-witnesses were caught in the tragic scene, with a 52-year-old woman treated for acute stress by a doctor on the scene and a 98-year-old man taken to hospital for observation.

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