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Prague ranked best city in Europe for digital nomads and remote working


Prague, Czech Republic – Prague has been ranked as the best city in Europe for people working remotely and the fifth best in the world, according to a new study.

The global index “Cities Best Facilitating Remote Work” by HR platform WorkMotion is based on a wide range of factors divided in four categories: remote working compliance (legal requirements, etc.), cost of living (taxes, housing, daily expenses…), civic infrastructure (including safety, gender equality, access to healthcare or quality of public education) and liveability (cultural life, public transport and mobility, etc.).

Data are gathered from different trustworthy sources, including the World Bank, the EU Commission and the World Health Organization (WHO).

“The pandemic accelerated the teleworking trend more than we expected,” commented Carsten Lebtig, co-founder and CEO of WorkMotion. “The technologies necessary for teleworking were of course there before the pandemic. What has changed, however, is the attitude of companies to work from home.”

With strong scores in categories such as quality of transport, public education, gender equality and housing accessibility, Prague tops the ranking for European cities and comes fifth worldwide, bested only by Melbourne, Montreal, Sydney and Wellington. On the other hand, the Czech capital had relatively low scores in taxation and administrative procedures for residency.

Before the pandemic, home-office remained a rare phenomenon in the Czech Republic, with only 4% of employed persons declaring “usually” working from home (1.2 percentage point lower than the EU average).

Berlin, Madrid and London came at the 11th, 17th and 36th place worldwide in WorkMotion’s study, while other top European capitals like Brussels (52nd), Paris (62nd) and Rome (66th) didn’t fare too well.

Other Central and Eastern European cities can also be found in the first half of the ranking, including Tallin and Zagreb at the 7th and 8th position respectively, as well as Warsaw (22nd) and Vienna (23rd).

Earlier this year, another ranking by the Big Seven Travel website had ranked Krakow and Budapest within the top 50 best cities in the world for remote working, also identifying a string of other CEE cities as promising destinations for digital nomads.

Other lesser-known Polish cities, including Lodz and Poznan, have been identified by experts as increasingly popular hotspots for people wishing and able to work remotely.

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