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Chris Hemsworth heads to Prague for Netflix’s Extraction 2 blockbuster


Prague, Czech Republic – Avengers star Chris Hemsworth will be heading to Prague at the end of the month for the filming of Extraction 2, the sequel to Netflix’s blockbuster action movie, Prague Reporter wrote this week.

After shooting plans in Australia were scrapped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Extraction 2 is expected to be filmed in Prague and other undisclosed locations in the country, with production set to stay several months in the Czech Republic – a welcome boost for a domestic film industry battered by the pandemic and health restrictions.

Extraction 2 to shoot in Prague after Australia cancellation

Rumours about a potential Czech-based shoot had started circulating in September.

“A source close to the production but not authorized to comment publicly said the Covid-19 crisis and pandemic restrictions meant it was no longer possible to film the sequel to 2020’s action-thriller Extraction in Sydney before November when Hemsworth was due to begin filming Furiosa, the next installment in the Mad Max franchise,” the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

“The source said the movie will be made in Prague, in the Czech Republic, instead.”

Viewed by nearly 100 million viewers, Extraction’s first installment is Netflix’s most popular original movie to date, and expectations for the sequel are high among action movie adrenaline junkies.

Mostly filmed in Thailand and India – although primarily set in Bangladesh – Extraction was the directorial debut of Sam Hargrave, himself a former stuntman who was stunt double for Chris Evans in Captain America and works as a lead fight choreographer for Marvel.

Apart from Chris Hemsworth returning in the lead role of fearless black market mercenary Tyler Rake, it is not yet known who else will join the cast of the movie.

Hit hard by Covid, Czech cinema industry attracts new talents

The producers of the mega-budget movie Joe and Anthony Russo are also behind The Gray Man, allegedly Netflix’s most expensive original film to date starring Ryan Gosling and Avengers co-star Chris Evans, and which also included a three-week shoot in Prague earlier this year.

Movie buffs or Hemsworth fans can apply to take part in the production as extras, either online or at local casting agency Extrafilms’ office on Karlovo Namesti, in the centre of Prague.

On top of state-funded financial incentives, lower production costs and varied picturesque sites, the Czech Republic boasts a strong cinematic experience going back decades and revolving around the world-famous Barrandov Studios, a key factor in foreign productions’ choice to shoot in the Central European country.

“The Czech Republic is very welcoming to film, with a high-performing audiovisual industry, renowned film studios and highly skilled technicians,” said producer Arnaud de Cremiers, who also chose Prague for the Cold-War era love story Operation Totems.

Recent examples include Amazon fantasy series Carnival Row and The Wheel of Time, Spaceman of Bohemia, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Dangerous Liaisons and All Quiet on the Western Front, the first German-language adaptation of Eric Maria Remarque’s well-known war novel.

“The craftsmanship of our Czech crew was second to none,” commented Carnival Row showrunner Erik Oleson. “What would be prohibitively expensive to construct and film elsewhere is not only possible in the Czech Republic, the locals make it happen for a reasonable price.”

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