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Budapest Christmas market voted best in Europe


Budapest, Hungary – The beautiful Christmas market held every year in front of Budapest’s St. Stephen’s Basilica, the largest and most popular in the Hungarian capital, has been voted the best in Europe.

The results are based on an online poll organized by the European Best Destinations travel website, gathering a total of more than 170,000 votes over ten days.

More than half of the votes came from Europe (61%), and the rest from the rest of the world, mainly the US, Canada, Australia, and Russia.

Ranked first in 2019 before being beaten off the top spot last year, Budapest’s Advent Feast at the St. Stephen’s Basilica this year reclaimed its crown as the best Christmas market in Europe, according to respondents.

Budapest is followed by this Christmas markets in Basel, Switzerland, and Metz, France, completing the podium. The rest of the top 10 is made up of Vienna, Montbeliard, Craiova, Trier, Madeira, Brussels, and Govone & Asti.

The Christmas market will remain open until January 1 and requires visitors to show their Covid immunity pass.

Contrary to last year, when a vast majority of markets across Europe remained closed because of the pandemic, most of the venues included on the 2021 ranking have managed to stay open.

Out of the 20 best Christmas markets identified by the poll, only Prague will not be open to visitors this year, while Vienna’s temporarily closed down as a result of Covid measures.

For more information about the best Christmas markets in Europe, and what you can expect there, you can visit European Best Destination’s website.

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