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Czech court upholds partial ban on Segways in Prague


Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech Constitutional upheld a partial ban on the use of Segways in different parts of Prague, local media reported.

First implemented in the summer of 2017, the Segway ban forbid the use of the two-wheeled transport in the historic centre of Prague and other parts of the capital with a high concentration of pedestrians.

The measure was introduced by Prague’s municipal council in response to complaints by local residents, who criticized the obtrusive and often irresponsible and dangerous use of the electric transport made by some users, including tourists, on busy sidewalks and streets.

Over 600 road signs were later put up that same year across Prague to indicate the zones and districts where Segways are banned.

The Czech Republic’s Segway Association had sued the city of Prague and appealed the ban, arguing the measure was discriminatory and violated the rights of operators, many of whom were reportedly put out of business as a result.

But the Constitutional Court found the ban was not disproportionate and did not violate the fundamental rights of operators or users.

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