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Czech Republic softens regulations on medical cannabis


Prague, Czech Republic – A new Czech law relaxes rules surrounding the prescription of medical cannabis and the regulations on technical marijuana.

According to the amendment to the law on addictive substances and drugs, which came into force on January 1, doctors will now only prescribe medical marijuana to their patients electronically.

A higher dose of THC (three times the current threshold) will also be allowed in technical cannabis and its derived products.

The Czech Republic legalized therapeutic cannabis for selected patients in 2015, and health insurance companies have been covering up to 90% of the cost of the treatment since 2020.

Last year, approximately 100 kg of cannabis were prescribed for medical purposes to a total 4,400 patients, an exponential increase compared to a few years ago.

Almost 200 doctors throughout the Czech Republic are currently prescribing therapeutic cannabis to some of their patients.

Source: CTK

In comparison, about 450 patients were prescribed a total of less than 5 kg of cannabis for therapeutic purposes in 2018.

According to official data cited by the Czech News Agency (CTK), the treatment helped improve the health condition and well-being of patients in 69% of cases.

In a bid to reduce the price and make it more accessible to patients in need suffering chronic pains, the Czech Ministry of Health also announced that private entities will be allowed to grow medical cannabis as of 2022.

In January last year, Czech lawmakers rejected yet another proposal to liberalize the production and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes, an issue that is being regularly debated and continues, as in other countries, to divide public opinion.

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