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Hungarian writer and gay rights activist found dead in Rome


Budapest, Hungary – Gergely Homonnay, a prominent Hungarian writer and gay rights activist, was found dead on New Year’s Eve in a private club in Rome, Italian daily Corriere della Serra reported.

The 46-year-old was reportedly found by an employee of the club in the venue’s Turkish baths area.

Early reports suggest the cause of death was cardiac arrest, possibly induced by an overdose of drugs found near his body.

Italian police are however still investigating the case, with a more thorough autopsy expected to shed light on the exact circumstances of his death.

According to Corriere della Serra, the Hungarian opposition activist spent New Year’s Eve somewhere else in the Italian capital and might have arrived at the club at around 5 am.

It’s still unsure whether he came alone or was accompanied by one or several people.

No bruises or signs of external damage were found on his body, according to the daily, but no definite conclusion has yet been reached as to the cause of his passing.

His public profile, as well as rumours he might be behind a recent blog post suggesting Justice Minister Judit Varga had affairs with several women, have fueled speculation in Hungary.

Homonnay however denied he was responsible for the post published by well-known blog The Devil’s Advocate a few days before the New Year.

A writer, translator and journalist for several newspapers and an outspoken critic of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Gergely Homonnay started working with the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) after the 2018 elections.

Last year, he notoriously insulted former State Secretary for Family Affairs and newly announced presidential nominee Katalin Novak a “vile, Nazi worm”.

He was convicted for defamatory comments by a Hungarian court, ordered to pay reparations and sentenced to one year probation.