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Popular Czech actor Pavel Trávníček accused of sexual abuse


Prague, Czech Republic – Czech actor Pavel Trávníček has been accused of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl in 2000, local media reported this week.

Trávníček, who is most famous for starring as the prince alongside the late Libuše Šafránková in the all-time Czech holiday fairytale classic Three Wishes for Cinderella, had not responded to the allegations at the time of publication.

According to the accusations, the actor forced the teenage girl to give him sexual gratification against her will, more than twenty years ago, in the Barrandov film studios near Prague after she approached him to get an autograph.

Although Trávníček could face a long prison term if the allegations prove to be true, the time elapsed may complicate the case of the now 37-year-old accuser, experts note.

The woman, who did not wish to reveal her identity, said she was inspired to come forward by singer and actress Jana Fabiánová, who last October accused psychiatrist Jan Cimický of sexual abuse via a post on social media.

The Czech Republic has seen a handful of prominent public figures facing accusations of rape or sexual abuse over the past year, with commentators noting that although belatedly, the MeToo movement appears to be gaining momentum in the country.

“Things are definitely changing,” said women’s rights activist and director of local NGO Konsent Johanna Nejedlova. “The Czech #MeToo movement didn’t initially take off here like it did in other countries. But now things are moving in the right direction.”

Last year, Dominik Feri, the youngest and first Black lawmaker in Czech politics, faced the accusations of several women claiming he had raped, harassed, or sexually abused them. He resigned a few hours after the accusations were made public.

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