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Fox News host Tucker Carlson returns to Hungary as election looms


Budapest, Hungary – Fox News’ star anchor Tucker Carlson will come to Hungary next week, less than six months after his first visit to Budapest and meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“Programming Alert: Next week we return to Hungary for important reporting. Get ready,” Carlson tweeted on Wednesday.

No detailed agenda of the controversial TV host’s stay in Hungary has so far been released.

The announcement comes only a few days after Prime Minister Orban spoke with former US President Donald Trump on the phone.

Earlier this month, Trump had released a statement endorsing Orban ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections, in which recent polls put the ruling Fidesz party neck-and-neck with the opposition.

Tucker Carlson’s trip to Budapest last August and interview with PM Orban was one of the most visible indications of the American alt-right movement’s affinity for the Hungarian illiberal leader.

A few weeks after Orban’s appearance on Fox News, Donald Trump sent a letter to the Hungarian leader to congratulate him.

“Great job on Tucker. Proud of you!”, the former President wrote.

Other conservative voices have remained sceptical of this budding friendship, with Republican senator Mitt Romney lashing out at those presenting Orban’s Hungary as “a model for America”.

The connection between the two men even extends to the family sphere, with Tucker Carlson’s own father, Richard Carlson, registered as the head of a Washington-based consulting firm that has done lobbying work for Orban in the past.

In another sign of rapprochement between the Hungarian and American conservative circles, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – one of the largest gatherings of the US Republican Party – could reportedly be held in Hungary later this year.

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