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Who was Hana Horká, the Czech singer who died after deliberately catching Covid-19?


Prague, Czech Republic – Czech folk singer Hana Horká died a few days ago after intentionally contracting Covid-19 in order to receive an immunity certificate.

Czech singer dies after intentionally contracting Covid

The tragic story of the 57-year-old singer from the Czech Republic has been making headlines in her home country and across Europe.

According to her son Jan Rek, a guitarist for the band Jelen, Ms. Horká had refused to be vaccinated against the virus, and deliberately got infected after his father and himself tested positive for Covid-19 during the Christmas holidays.

Her intention was to receive a green health pass without having to get vaccinated.

Under the current Czech regulations, only people able to show proof of vaccination and those who have recovered from the disease in the past six months can access most public venues, including restaurants, cafes, bars, cinemas, theatres, and sports facilities.

Negative tests, both antigen and PCR, are not accepted.

“She should have isolated for a week because we tested positive,” her son Jan Rek told the BBC. “But she was with us the whole time.”

In posts published on her social media profile only two days before her death, Hana Horká said she “survived” and was recovering, rejoicing at the idea that “now there will be theatre, sauna, a concert… and an urgent trip to the sea.”

Anti-vaxxers have blood on their hands, son lashes out

Her post attracted numerous positive responses from her Facebook followers, many of which supported her decision and said they would like to do the same.

She died on Sunday from Covid-related complications. “In about 10 minutes it was all over. She chocked to death,” explained her son, who said he wanted to share his mother’s story to convince people of the importance of vaccines and single out the responsibility of anti-vaxx leaders.

He accused prominent anti-vaxxers, whose posts his mother regularly shared on social media, of being responsible for her death, saying they had “blood on their hands.”

“It is sad that my mum trusted strangers more than her own family,” Rek explained, saying that his and his father’s pleas for her to receive the jab were to no avail.

Around 63% of the Czech population is fully vaccinated against Covid-19, a few points lower than the EU average.

Born in 1964 in the city of Příbram, south-west of Prague, Hana Horká was the vocalist for one of the Czech Republic’s oldest folk bands Asonance since 1985.

With a repertoire mainly focused on songs and compositions from the British folk tradition, their latest album Návrat krále was released in 2019. She also cooperated with other prominent Czech musicians.

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