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Direct trains between Brno and Vienna airport to start this year


Prague, Czech Republic – A direct train connection between Brno and Vienna airport is set to be launched this year, local media reported.

The first express train between the Czech Republic’s second-largest city and the Austrian capital will leave on February 22, according to preliminary plans.

This journey will however only be a pilot trip, with seats reserved for municipal and regional politicians, as well as members and representatives of Czech Railways, the Ministry of Transport, and the regional Chambers of Commerce, among other institutions.

One coach will be reserved for the public, with tickets costing 490 Kc. The journey should take approximately one hour and a half with scheduled stops in Břeclav and Vienna’s main train station along the way.

Local authorities have yet to finalise the details of the connection, including the frequency and choice of the operator.

“I believe that we will be able to start the whole project at least partially in 2022,” said Petr Kratochvil, Brno’s city councilor for transport. In an interview with Czech Radio, he added he hoped the connection would be operational in April, with trains running up to six times daily.

The connection has been under discussion since November and is bound to appeal to residents of the South Moravian region who would gain direct access to one of the busiest airport hubs in Europe.

“For the city of Brno with 380,000 inhabitants, or for its entire metropolitan area, where 600,000 people live, or for some than a million in the South Moravia region, accessibility of quality international transport is a very important factor for further economic development,” explained the mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková.

City councilor Kratochvil estimates that around 500,000 people travel back and forth every year.

Brno is closer to Vienna than it is to Prague, and its own airport Brno–Tuřany offers only limited connections for private passengers.

There are already train connections between Brno and Vienna, but so far only buses go directly to the Austrian city’s international airport.

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