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Bratislava mayor launches new political movement


Bratislava, Slovakia – Although there are still almost two years to go until the next parliamentary elections in Slovakia, the country is gearing up for another significant political event in 2022: local elections will be held in the autumn to elect political representatives in more than 1,000 cities and municipalities.

The last municipal elections in 2018 were dominated by independent candidates – many of them only nominally – who received over 40% of the offices up for grabs.

One of them was Matúš Vallo, an independent candidate supported by the PS-Spolu coalition and architect by training who was elected mayor of Bratislava thanks to his ad-hoc platform of experts Team Vallo.

With eyes set on his reelection at the end of the year, Vallo announced the creation of the new local political party Team Bratislava.

Teaming up with the SaS and Progressive Slovakia parties to secure the mayorship, the new movement said they wanted to continue changing Bratislava for the better at the image of what’s been done in the past four years and keep stronger parties from returning Bratislava to the “old ways” of doing things.

“The fight to keep Bratislava will not be easy,” Vallo acknowledged.

For now, no one else has announced his or her candidacy to challenge the incumbent mayor, but more established parties are expected to take a swing at the capital’s mayorship.

Vallo’s new party has already started collecting the 10,000 signatures needed to register, with campaign stands set up all over Bratislava. For more on their program, you can visit their official website.

By Szymon Grzegorzek

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