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LGBT incubator puts the spotlight on Central European activists


Prague, Czech Republic – Activists and civil society actors from Central and Eastern Europe will have the opportunity to promote and develop their project with a new LGBT-focused incubator.

Described as the first platform of the kind fully dedicated to queer and feminist entrepreneurial projects in Europe, Switzerland-based BØWIE Creators has launched a 6-month incubation programme to bring participants the support they need to launch or grow their project, including new skills, guidance, resources, visibility and funding opportunities.

BØWIE Incubator’s 2022 call for LGBT+ projects specifically targets initiatives from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Romania, as well as Austria and Switzerland.

“With the help of ILGA Europe’s Rainbow Map, we’ve been able to identify that Central and Eastern Europe and the countries we’ve selected have lower scores on LGBT human rights compared to other European countries,” Deborah Abate, head of BØWIE Incubator, tells Kafkadesk.

“We’ve identified that there may be a need for LGBT initiatives and overall support for queer and feminist projects and individuals. Hence our call for projects,” she explains.

Activists from other CEE countries are also welcome to apply, but priority will be given to the seven countries listed above, for a total of 20 projects selected in the final phase.

Submissions are open until April 24, 2022. Finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their project to receive up to €30,000 of funding.

“We are incredibly excited about this new opportunity,” Deborah Abate tells us, reminding that there is no selection based on the sector of activity, interest or the stage of the project.

“We accept initiatives that are just at the idea stage. The only thing is that we’d like to support projects that have either a hybrid or ‘for profit’ revenue model”, she adds.

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