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Convicted Czech influencer asks followers to fund “truth-seeking” trip to Ukraine


Prague, Czech Republic – A social media influencer recently convicted for spreading Covid-related misinformation in the Czech Republic has apparently set her sights on Ukraine.

Jana Peterkova, a 64-year-old former journalist, has appealed to her followers to bankroll a trip to “uncover the truth” in Ukraine, according to local media.

In a Facebook post, she said she was looking for “colleagues” to come to Ukraine with her, as well as “sponsors” to fund the journey.

It wasn’t clear from her post which “truths” she intended to uncover or debunk, but many social media users accused her of pro-Russian sympathies.

In January, Peterkova became one of the first Czechs to be convicted for spreading misinformation about anti-Covid vaccines.

Sued for defamation, she was ordered to pay a fine of 250,000 Kc (€10,000) to a nursing home in Měšice, near Prague, for claiming that Covid-19 jabs were killing elderly people there and accusing “mainstream media” of ignoring the issue.

Ordered to issue an official apology, she also asked her followers to cover the fine.

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