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The VoiCEE podcast: Are electoral coalitions the only path against Central Europe’s populist strongmen?

In this episode, Kafkadesk writer and host Karolína Boháčová will be discussing the trend of electoral coalitions in Central Europe and analyse whether they can prove a successful strategy against Central European strongmen and political heavyweights across the CEE region.

In this first half of this episode, we will look at the success story of the Czech electoral coalition in late 2021 and study the characteristics of electoral alliances with Petr Just, political scientist and head of the political science department at the Metropolitan University in Prague.

In the second part, we’ll move to Hungary, where the general election is just a few days away and for the first time in over a decade, Prime Minister Viktor Orban is facing a united opposition coalition. Ivan Laszlo Nagy, Hungarian political journalist from HVG, will give us his take on what to expect, and discuss the possible outcomes of the election.

Correction: in the second part of the episode, Gabor Kubatov is mistakenly described as “Fidesz president”. M. Kubatov is in fact vice-president and party director of Fidesz.

In this VoiCEE podcast series we are looking at the region from different angles and perspectives, attempting to capture its diversity and understand emerging trends. Above all, we want to give voice to a region that is often talked to rather than listened to.

In the first episode of the VoiCEE, Agnieszka Wądołowska, managing editor of Notes from Poland, spoke with Pawel Kaczmarczyk, director of the Centre of Migration Research at the University of Warsaw, about one of the key issues reshaping Central and Eastern Europe – immigration.

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By Karolína Boháčová

A freelance journalist from the Czech Republic, Karolína is now based in Liverpool, UK, covering Czech and Polish affairs with a focus on social issues. She previously worked for the Reuters news agency and the international outlet Coda Story. You can follow her on Twitter.