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Czech billionaire donates 100 million Kc to “heroic” Ukrainian army after Bucha killings


Prague, Czech Republic – Czech businessman and founder of local internet giant Ivo Lukačovič announced he was going to send 100 million Kc (about €4 million) of his own money to help Ukraine.

The 48-year-old entrepreneur and billionaire wrote on Twitter that he was appalled by the footage that emerged earlier this week of Russian killings of civilians in the Ukrainian town of Bucha, and would therefore dedicate part of his private wealth to buy weapons for the “heroic” Ukrainian army.

In early March, Czech internet portal Seznam had already announced it would allocate up to 100 million Kc to donate to NGOs and associations helping Ukrainian refugees, while M. Lukačovič himself said he would provide 23 million Kc for that same purpose in February.

Horrific footage from the town of Bucha first emerged on April 1 after the retreat of Russian troops from the area, showing corpses of hundreds of dead civilians lying in the streets and in mass graves.

Many fear similar arbitrary killings could occur or have already taken place in Ukrainian towns and cities still occupied by Russian forces.

The massacre has caused international outrage and sparked calls for a new round of sanctions against Russia, as well as a thorough investigation of Moscow’s war crimes in Ukraine.

Russian authorities claimed they did not carry out the executions, saying the photos and videos are fake and are just another “provocation” from the Ukrainian government.

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