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Poland accuses Macron of “negotiating with Hitler” after calls with Putin


Warsaw, Poland – Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki compared French President Emmanuel Macron’s calls with Putin to “negotiating with Hitler”, berating the lack of resolve of Western European countries in their dealings with the Kremlin.

“M. President Macron, how many times have you negotiated with Putin, what have you achieved? Have you stopped any of the actions that have taken place?” the Polish Premier rhetorically asked during a press conference earlier this week.

“One should not negotiate with criminals, one should fight them […] Would you negotiate with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot?” he added.

Talking to reporters, Poland‘s PM also called for new “clear and determined sanctions” against Moscow after the “genocide” committed by Russian soldiers, referring to the arbitrary killings of civilians discovered in the Ukrainian towns of Bucha and Irpin.

Macron has faced criticism in some circles for continuing to directly engage with Putin, legitimizing Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine while failing to make any tangible progress.

The two leaders talked more than a dozen times on the phone since the beginning of the year. Macron, who is facing reelection in France this Sunday, travelled to both Moscow and Kyiv in February before the start of the Russian invasion.

French authorities make the case that keeping direct diplomatic channels open remains essential and comes in addition to other measures, including economic sanctions and military support to Ukraine.

“From the onset, the [French] president has used all available means to make Putin stop the war: massive sanctions, support to Ukraine, demands made directly to President Putin during their calls,” a French presidential aide was quoted as saying by Reuters.