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Poland publishes survival guide in case of war or occupation


Warsaw, Poland – The Polish government has issued a new “survival guidebook” with instructions on how to act and behave in cases of war or occupation, Notes from Poland reported.

More than one month after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and amid fears surrounding Moscow’s territorial ambitions, Poland’s governmental Security Centre’s (RCB) information policy department published a 36-page instructions book entitled “Be Ready. Guidebook for Crisis and War”.

In it, security experts from the government give Poles some crucial tips on the do’s and don’t’s of how to behave and what to avoid in case Poland is engulfed in a military conflict on its territory or occupied by foreign troops.

The booklet includes information on what to pack if forced to flee, how to take shelter, how to protect yourself against disinformation, what to do if taken captive, or how to act if the country is under various kinds of attack, including from chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.

There is also practical information about air raid alarms, how to administer first aid or how to act towards invading forces, including remaining calm, staying out of their way when possible and avoiding taking pictures.

Authors of the guidebook reportedly drew inspiration from similar publications in Sweden, the United States and Ukraine.

The guide is available on RCB’s website here.