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Putin is “equal to Hitler”, says Slovak defence minister


Bratislava, Slovakia – Slovakia’s Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler in an interview with The New York Times published this week.

Talking to NYT reporters, Nad said that Putin “is equal to Hitler” because of his invasion of Ukraine, pointing out that “Ukraine is literally fighting for our future”.

Slovakia’s defence chief said that European and Western nations should do everything they could to help Ukraine defeat Russia to keep the Kremlin from pushing its ambitions further west.

His comments come as Slovakia, an EU and NATO state which shares a small land border with Ukraine, has stepped up its diplomatic and military efforts in support of its besieged neighbour.

More than 330,000 refugees are believed to have crossed from Ukraine into Slovakia since the start of the war.

The Slovak government of Prime Minister Eduard Heger has also been a vocal advocate of tougher EU sanctions against Russia and has provided Ukraine with military equipment worth millions of euros.

After sending its Soviet-made S-300 air defence system in exchange for an American Patriot missile system, Slovakia is now in talks to send howitzers and its MiG-29 fighter jets as the war enters its eighth week.

Defence Minister Nad admitted that it would have been “unthinkable” to send such large quantities of weapons to another country a short while ago, but that “the paradigm is completely different” since Moscow launched a full-scale invasion of its neighbour.

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