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Czech Republic hopes to replace Russia on UN Human Rights Council


Prague, Czech Republic – The Czech Republic has submitted an application to replace Russia on the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Foreign Ministry announced on Twitter.

Russia was suspended from the UN Human Rights Council at the beginning of April over its invasion of Ukraine and suspected war crimes committed by Russian troops in the country.

Over 90 members voted in favour of the UN general assembly resolution to expel Russia from the UN body, with 58 countries abstaining and 24 voting against.

On Friday, the Czech Foreign Ministry sent an official candidacy request to replace Moscow on the council amid mounting evidence of war crimes committed in Ukraine.

“Russia must take responsibility for the aggression, human suffering, and destruction in Ukraine. That’s why its membership in the UN Human Rights Council was suspended,” the Czech Foreign Ministry wrote on Twitter.

“The Czech Republic want to replace Russia in the Council, we have just submitted our candidacy. The promotion of human rights is a priority of the Czech government.”

One of the UN’s main institutions to promote democracy and human rights around the world, the Human Rights Council was set up in 2006. It counts 47 states, elected for three-year terms on a regional basis, and is partially renewed every year.

Among its current members are Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, India, China, and South Korea.